Important Dates

Jun 11, 2018 Sep 29, 2018

Nepal Information Technology [NIT] Overseas Study Centre of IGNOU OSC : 9604 IMPORTANT DATES ASSIGNMENTS- SUBMISSION DATE Semester based programs (MP, BCA & BPP) December TEE 1st October - 25th October June TEE 1st April - 25th April Yearly based programs (BA & BCOM) December TEE 1st September - 20th September June TEE 1st March -20th March *MS-100 [PROJECT REPORT & SYNOPSIS (PROPOSAL)]- SUBMISSION DATE Synopsis (Project Proposal) MS-95 MUST HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED Registration Validity - a Minimum of 12 months. Project Report For Dec TEE 1st Aug - 25th September Registration Validity - a Minimum of 3 months. For June TEE 1st Feb - 25th March